Cappadocia Region-Specific Activities

Cappadocia Balloon Tours

Hot air Balloons, 28 º C and extremely windy conditions on the end can not, fly in the morning as weather conditions are suitable. After a short preparation the balloons begin to flight near sunrise. Approximately 1 hour long flight is a short flight takes 1 hour and 30 minutes. Routing is not possible in hot air balloon. Move in the direction of the wind. The wind directions at different altitudes but the weather may be different. Pilot, he wants to go up-and-down direction as the wind tries to find suitable. Increase to about 1,000 feet altitude balloon flights during the sun rise out of the valley into the interior landscape of fairy chimneys and valleys allows watching. There is a champagne celebration at the end of flight. In addition, as a commemorative flight certificate will be given flight. The adventure takes about 2 hours all balloon flights.
Our reservations are balloon.

Turkish nights, folklore and semah show

Which is one of the most beautiful and historic places of Cappadocia in the caravanserai, the real show sema sufi music program accompanied by 1 hour booking is possible. 13 Century was founded by Mevlana Konyada, Sufism in Turkey is still widely experienced. Some historic Seljuk Caravanserai of Dervishes in Cappadocia continue their worship. We, the Whirling Dervishes in the audience can participate in this mystical Semah.

Horse tours

Cappadocia’s most beautiful valleys on horseback tours are organized.
All tours are done by Cappadocia, professional tour guide. Hotel in English, Turkish and French who are our guides.All other information, please contact us.

Kizilçukur Is Center

Will start to walk in the morning, begin to point to Kyzylçukur valley. During our walk we will encounter during Meskendir deresi natural wonders fairy chimneys, valleys and people continue to vote as they see the pigeon carved before the route will continue our visit with a church. After a short break and a landing with an output Güllüdere valley we reach. There are surprises waiting for us inside and is more than a full pigeon. Then when we reached the valley in the lunch hour has come now and a picnic area from sliding into the water tank in front of the weir. After this break we walk ends in the valley of swords. We returned to our hotel and car.
Average 4 or 5 hours walking.

Boztepe-valley-Pasha bond-Cavusin Zelve

After breakfast our car will start to walk us to the point of walking to the village leaves Çavu?in. Our walk starts with Boztepeye output. The period of the active volcanoes in Cappadocia everything under water while the water like an island in the hills just stayed at ironing. Approximately 1250 m. continued our walk to the river at an altitude landings zelve ends, and from there to the Pasha bond is reached. Walk-in “fairy chimneys” of this natural wonder after the corner we walk to the village will continue Çavu?in. Lunch is served with pancakes in a small place. And our afternoon walk with Cavusin old village continues.
Average 4 hours walking and return to the hotel.

Pigeon Valey Valley-White
Starting near our hotel in Cappadocia, now the name of the white colored rocks of the valley was white. Tunnel passes through vineyards and nature of erosion occurred on the march as we will see the bit period and also after a lunch break walk from our hotel to pigeon valley will see the most beautiful along with pigeon pigeon vadisi will walk up to the hotel.
Walking will take around 4 hours.

Valley Underground City Ihlara creamy or Derinkuyu
40 km to Aksaray., Only 100 km to Nev?ehir. away the Ihlara (Peristrema) Valley, stays within the boundaries of Aksaray province. Located nearby and an old volcano that Hasanda?y’ndan the basalt and andesite lava density of the cold emerging cracks and crashes as a result, however Hasan and next the Mountains Melendiz Melendiz tea in these cracks yourself by creating a bed As a result of deep integration have appeared is a canyon. Melendiz tea in the first centuries of “River of Cappadocia”, meaning “Potamus Kapadokus” was called. 14 km. length of the canyon from the village of Ihlara starts and ends in the village of Selime. At a depth of 150 meters in places of nature opened up the steep slopes of this canyon, carved by the still large number of Christians and churches through the tunnels that connect to each other settlements were made.

Isolated due to location, a mystical religious center for Christian clergy and dangerous at times has been used as a hideout. Ihlara churches, 6 century, starting from the picturesque started this 13 lasted until the end of the century. Frescoes, frescoes from churches in Göreme differ is in terms of character. Ihlara close to the village church frescoes in effect when moving east, near the village of Belisyrma Byzantine frescoes of the church files were made according to art. Sultan of the Seljuks in the village church Kyrkdamalty Belisyrma II. Mesut (1282-1305) and the Byzantine Emperor II. Andronikos’un containing 13 names century inscriptions are written on the frescoes. The summer season, usually regarded as a nature area and walking tours in the Valley Ihlara A?açalty, Pürenliseki, Sümbüllü, Serpent, Kokar churches are.

After breakfast we reached the underground city where district. Has a chance to vote to the requirements of the underground city’s purpose is very interesting as well. This is one reason most splendid and district also gave his name deep groundwater wells or cream will tour the city. This is known to but few actually track the valley is a canyon view. Hasan mountain of lava sprayed, Melendiz mountains are formed by hard water from spring floods to vote in places up to 120 m of subsidence has created and still passing through the canyon of tea has been called the Melendiz. Canyon continued long fields in the countryside, this stream valley Ihlara adds a distinctive beauty. At noon we reached this beauty in the village of Belisyrma we owe a lunch break at the edge of the creek will. After dinner we continued walking as the end point of the canyon to the village will continue Selime. After this long walk we will give a tea break after the long journey to the hotel so we will continue.
Average 5 hours walking and return to the hotel.

Bulbous Valley
Lava and tuff plateaus of the hardness and shape of valleys, rivers, lakes and rainfall erosion of the tuff layer took its current form, Bulbous Valley, collapsed during the earthquake stricken, deep valleys and plateaus of become composed brought. Continuous settlement from the Roman period common cemetery in the valley slopes of the Romans, Byzantines had used as a church. Valley Village in the early bulbous domed church is most impressive. A giant fairy chimneys as a result of the processing of very skillfully created domes. Work outside of the church architecture is carved into the rocks and made amazing tunnels, stairs, corridor and exit from the corridors of power inside resembles a maze. The church does not clear where they come from the sound of an acoustic structure. Slots carved into the rock dove, adorned with madder. The region’s most famous cute and sympathetic cloth dolls made with colorful fabrics, all regions dominated.

Road during Sinasos-Mustafa pasha, Sahin master-Sobesos mosaics, dope fiend of the monastery, the church will be visited and also 2 hours walk through the valley Bulbous.

Göreme Open Air Museum
M.S. 2. at the end of the century the Christian community has a significant number are in Cappadocia, respectively. During this period, Malatya and Kayseri is seen as an important center of episcopacy. The Kayseri (Ceaserea), Christians for centuries has preserved its importance as a center. 4. century, the archbishop of St. Kayseri Great editing and a new way of Basilius’un doctrine of Christianity is made, has a large share. Indeed, these views, even today, a team of Christian society and the church of Saint Gregorian Basilius’un footsteps are older. Scarcity in time, as a single piece of bread Hyristiyana, “he divided the bread into two and one half the hungry and give to him to leave the auspices of Allah” was advise. United Basilius very closed and isolated from the people in the grassroots rather than monastic life, intertwined with a public life have opted for this mentality, as a result of his brother Gregory Nyssa’ly Gregory Nazianos’lu in Cappadocia with a great effort, to settlements not far monasteries, churches and chapels built developed, here in the daily supervision of clergy in the worship done has provided. Clergy in Cappadocia, Basil the Great in the period, separate from the public, such as in Egypt and Syria, privileged still have not put. Taken outside of oneself monks, clergy and others have preferred to worship with the congregation. This kind of religious education system has started and Bulbous Goreme, Ihlara, such as Christianity centers Açyksaray continued.

Cappadocia churches, frescos, we give you the name is famous for its wall paintings. These pictures are usually two stages. In the first images directly onto the wall and made the red paint was used vaccines. This type of various decorative pictures, shapes and symbols consists of. The second, on the rock wall plaster, sand, plaster made of a mixture of straw and plaster over it, subjects taken from the Bible and Hz. Christ’s life and describes the scenes are depicted.

Another interesting area of the settlement, against the danger of being destroyed, empty to the Uchisar-Goreme arsyndan the Ortahisar. Each season because of cool, popular with the underground storage tank as the role of Turkey’s citrus carved into rocks at the entrance Ortahisar’yn under a magnificent castle and antique shops are located. Collected from various parts of Anatolia, between rare pieces of wood doors, windows, ceiling decorations, wall decorations and handmade hope chest jewelry is admirable.